Prospective Students

I am always looking for outstanding students to work with.

My research deals with the wide spectrum of activities in crustal deformation, faulting, volcanism, and processes associated with man-made activities such as deformation of hydrocarbon fields, pipelines, geothermal, hydrothermal and nuclear power plants. I am not restricted to the Earth and try to expand my research to other planets.

I work to develop innovative methods for space-/air-/ground-based InSAR and GPS data analysis, signal processing, data mining, inverse theory, artificial intelligence, and numerical/analytical modeling.

I use these tools to obtain a precise time series of ground surface motion and deformation of man-made structures as well as constraining the volcanic and tectonic sources. In particular, I work to understand the time-dependent processes such as evolution of the aseismic fault slips (creep, afterslip, and silent slip events), interseismic fault coupling, slow landslides and subsidence, magma intrusions and dike propagations, glaciers movements and rebounds.

My research is focused on variety of settings in our solar system, which includes terrestrial sites such as Hawaii Island, California shear zone, Yellowstone volcano, Iceland, North Iran, Japan, eastern Africa rift, Himalaya, Haiti, Chile, as well as planetary objects such as Mars, Saturn’s moon Titan and Jupiter’s moon Europa.  

Given the breadth of my research and interests, I am always looking for outstanding students with science and/or engineering back ground to work with.  

I help students find a project that meets following objectives; 1) The student is really excited about the work, 2) The problem is significant, 3) It fits the student’s background, 4) I can supervise it completely, 5) Fund is available.

The sources of my funding are (but not restricted to) the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Program, the Southern California Earthquake Center, NASA, The Department Of Energy, and the private sector.

If you would like more information please contact me.     

Check out SESE Graduate Program Overview. It provides information on procedures to apply to the School of Earth and Space Exploration.

   Prof. Manoochehr Shirzaei